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1Remote is a modern personal remote session manager and launcher. It is a single place to manage all your remote sessions supporting number of different protocols.


  • Supports RDP, SSH, VNC, Telnet, (S)FTP, RemoteApp, NoMachine and other app
  • Quick and convenient remote session launcher (Alt + M)
  • Multi-screen and HiDPI RDP connection (Test on *Win10 + 4k monitor 2 RDP TO Win2016)
  • Detailed connection configuration: tags, icons, colors, connection scripts etc.
  • Multiple languages, themes and tabbed interface
  • Import connections from mRemoteNG
  • Customizable runners, in SFTP \ FTP \ VNC \ etc. protocols, you can replace the internal runner with your favourite
  • Portable - just unpack and run


Latest Version:


↑ Launcher(Alt + M) open RDP connection & resizing

↑ RDP with Multi-monitors

↑ RemoteApp via RDP

↑ Customizable runners

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