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OneRemote Documentation

The documentation is created using the mm-docs documentation bundle.


  • Docker installation.
    • For Windows Desktop use: cinst docker-desktop
  • PowerShell (optional)
    • Invoke-Build module
      • or use included ./Invoke-Build.ps1 script in the repository root


Within PowerShell use Invoke-Build (ib):

Command Description
ib Build Build static site
ib Run Serve static site with live reload

Otherwise, run appropriate docker commands:

export image=majkinetor/mm-docs
export aPort=8888

docker run --rm -v $PWD:/docs8 $image mkdocs build

docker run --rm -v $PWD:/docs --name docs-$aPort --detach -p $aPort:$aPort $image mkdocs serve --dev-addr$aPort

After building it, static site is available at source\site directory and it can be served with any kind of web server.

Adding documents

  • Add new markdown somewhere in the source\docs directory.
  • To be visible in navigation, add to source\mkdocs.yml nav section, otherwise, the page is available via direct link
  • Add footer, header, abbreviations etc. in source\inc folder
  • Add python function and modules in source\
  • Override specific mkdocs material theme partials in source\overrides
  • Configure PDF and single page stuff in source\pdf
  • Configure extra CSS in docs\_css\extra.css