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Avalonia UI

A cross-platform UI framework for .NET providing a flexible styling system and supporting Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android and Browser.


  1. Avalonia Avalonia Public

    Develop Desktop, Embedded, Mobile and WebAssembly apps with C# and XAML. The most popular .NET UI client technology

    C# 24.4k 2.1k

  2. avalonia-dotnet-templates avalonia-dotnet-templates Public

    Avalonia Templates for `dotnet new`

    C# 455 77

  3. avalonia-docs avalonia-docs Public

    JavaScript 49 161

  4. Avalonia.Samples Avalonia.Samples Public

    Avalonia.Samples aims to provide some minimal samples focusing on a particular issue at a time. This should help getting new users started.

    C# 487 77

  5. Avalonia.Controls.TreeDataGrid Avalonia.Controls.TreeDataGrid Public

    A combined TreeView/DataGrid for Avalonia.

    C# 227 47

  6. XamlPlayground XamlPlayground Public

    Avalonia Xaml Playground

    C# 54 15


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