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 ░▓ About  ▓ linux configuration files
 ░▓ Author ▓ Abdullah <>
 ░▓ Code   ▓
 ░▓ Mirror ▓

 bin        > some automation scripts and fonts
 git        > git config and aliases
 ranger     > file manager
 urxvt      > 256 color support for terminal and some external extensions
 vim        > text editor config
 zsh        > vanilla zsh setup with git, battery and mail count in prompt
 tmux       > terminal multiplexer
 bspwm      > Tiling Window Manager
 polybar    > A stylish colorful status bar with system tray support
 compton    > compositor
 feh        > image viewer (there are more programs included like pqiv and sxiv)
 ipython    > python interactive shell with vim like keys support
 dunst      > notification daemon
 sxhkd      > hotkeys daemon (xbindkeys also is there with configurations)
 mutt       > Mail user agent
 isync      > command line synchronization tool for local mailbox with remote
 notmuch    > thread based email index, search and tagging app
 mpv        > media player (mplayer also available)


I manage my dotfiles with gnu stow, a symlink farm manager. It's available in most linux distributions.

  • sudo apt install stow
  • sudo dnf install stow
  • sudo yum install stow
  • sudo pacman install stow
  • brew install stow


$ curl | sh

or clone it from source and build it yourself.

Once stow is installed, just cd into this repository and create symlinks using stow like this:

  • cd ~
  • git clone
  • cd cfg
  • stow vim

It will symlink vim. If you wanna use this configurations for root user, use -t argument,

  • stow -t /root vim

Note: stow will only create a symlink if a config file doesn't already exist. You must delete/backup if there is a default config for a program.


Lemonbar is a lightweight bar entirely based on XCB. Provides full UTF-8 support, basic formatting, RandR and Xinerama support and EWMH compliance without wasting your precious memory. You can compile it from Source Code. In Arch Linux there is a PKGBUILD.


Polybar is a stylish status bar. You have to compile it from source for some distributions. It's now available in Arch Linux official repositories. As a dependency, you can install Font Awesome, which is available in official repositories in Arch Linux.

Installed Packages

This encrypted file contains packages name which I currently have installed on my Arch Linux host. Encrypted to myself using age:

pacman -Qq | age -e -a -r age1teq3zep9z3l9ea5s3x2t6859pskkj4nz74w2cy8kxh7jgnyvdcpq0xm9gg > installed_packages

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