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Quizzes & Assignment Solutions for Data Visualization with Tableau Specialization on Coursera. Also included a few resources on side that I found helpful.

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About This Course/Certificate

About This workshop and the materials in this repo are for anyone who is interested in working with Data Science to produce high quality, working style! Check out follow course link if you think it is interested.

Course Link: Data Visualization with Tableau Specialization

Course Learn Path

The courses enlisted as follows:

  • C1-Fundamentals of Visualization with Tableau
  • C2-Essential Design Principles for Tableau
  • C3-Visual Analytics with Tableau
  • C4-Creating Dashboards and Storytelling with Tableau
  • C5-Data Visualization with Tableau Project

Course Description: 1 Course

This Specialization, in collaboration with Tableau, is intended for newcomers to data visualization with no prior experience using Tableau. We leverage Tableau's library of resources to demonstrate best practices for data visualization and data storytelling. You will view examples from real world business cases and journalistic examples from leading media companies.

Applied Learning Project

Tools: Tableau



Course Certificate

Total Hours: ~72 Hrs

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