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KDE Plasma add-on, that tiles your windows automatically and lets you manage them via keyboard, similarly to i3, Sway or dwm.


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🌈 Bismuth 🌈

Making tiling window management easy. On KDE Plasma.

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Arrange your windows in different grids to minimize the mouse usage.

🌟 Features 🌟

Automatic window tiling

Save your time by automatically managing windows on your screen.


Plasma integration

Power-up your workflow using native Plasma features - Virtual Desktops and Activities.


Multiple Layouts

Use different layouts in different contexts.


🏁 Getting Started


  • A Linux distribution with KDE Plasma version 5.20 or higher
  • Qt version 5.15 or higher
  • KDE Frameworks version 5.78 or higher

You can check if your system matches these requirements by going to System Settings > About this System.


⚠️ Distributions' packages are not affiliated with Bismuth developers. If you encounter any issues with the incorrect installation, you should contact the package maintainer first.

Arch Linux





OpenSUSE Tumbleweed


From Source

If you know a packaging solution for a distribution, that is not in the list, please open a pull request.


πŸŽ‰ To start using Bismuth enable it in System Settings > Window Management > Window Tiling. Additionally, you can decorate your windows in a tiling window manager style (border-only windows) using the window decoration, that comes with Bismuth. To do so, go to System Settings > Appearance > Window Decorations and select the Bismuth decoration.

⌨️ You can view the shortcuts in System Settings > Shortcuts > Window Tiling. If you used Krohnkite before, you can import some of its shortcuts using the bash script.

πŸ”§ If you want, you may also make a couple of manual fixes and tweaks to improve your experience with window tiling. See Tweaks section.


You can configure Bismuth in the System Settings > Window Management > Window Tiling.

Bismuth Configuration Module

🀝 Acknowledgments

This project was made possible because of the hard work of other people on Krohnkite KWin Tiling Script.