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Mintlify Starter Kit

Click on Use this template to copy the Mintlify starter kit. The starter kit contains examples including

  • Guide pages
  • Navigation
  • Customizations
  • API Reference pages
  • Use of popular components


Install the Mintlify CLI to preview the documentation changes locally. To install, use the following command

npm i -g mintlify

Run the following command at the root of your documentation (where mint.json is)

mintlify dev

Publishing Changes

Install our Github App to autopropagate changes from youre repo to your deployment. Changes will be deployed to production automatically after pushing to the default branch. Find the link to install on your dashboard.


  • Mintlify dev isn't running - Run mintlify install it'll re-install dependencies.
  • Page loads as a 404 - Make sure you are running in a folder with mint.json


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