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This is a fork of OBS-studio with generic support for webrtc. It leverages the same webrtc implementation most browsers use.


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OBS-studio WebRTC

This project is a fork of OBS-studio with support for WebRTC. WebRTC supports comes from the inclusion of the open source implementation from used (at least in part) by chrome, firefox, and safari.

The implementation is in the "plugins / obs-outputs" directory. The WebRTCStream files contain the high-level implementation, while the xxxx-stream files contain the specific implementation for a given service.

For the time being the following services and sites are supported:

  • PaaS

Do not forget to share the love with the original OBS-Studio project and its fantastic team there.


Pre-built and tested Binaries are available here.

Compilation, Installation and Packaging

Follow the original compilation, Installation and packaging guide