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   / /   / __ \/ ___/ ___/ / __ \ | / / _ \/ ___/ __/
  / /___/ /_/ / /  (__  ) / / / / |/ /  __(__  ) /_
  \____/\____/_/  /____/_/_/ /_/|___/\___/____/\__/

  Launching SPICE remote-viewer for Proxmox VE   (Made in Italy)

  cv4pve-pepper is a part of suite cv4pve.
  For more information visit

  cv4pve-pepper [options]

  --api-token <api-token>                Api token format 'USER@REALM!TOKENID=UUID'. Require Proxmox VE 6.2 or later
  --username <username>                  User name <username>@<realm>
  --password <password>                  The password. Specify 'file:path_file' to store password in file.
  --validate-certificate                 Validate SSL Certificate Proxmox VE node.
  --host <host> (REQUIRED)               The host name host[:port],host1[:port],host2[:port]
  --vmid <vmid>                          The id or name VM/CT
  --proxy <proxy>                        SPICE proxy server. This can be used by the client to specify the proxy server. All nodes in a cluster runs
                                         'spiceproxy', so it is up to the client to choose one. By default, we return the node to connect. If specify
                                         http(s)://[host]:[port] then replace proxy option in file .vv. E.g. for reverse proxy.
  --viewer <viewer> (REQUIRED)           Executable SPICE client remote viewer (remote-viewer executable)
  --viewer-options <viewer-options>      Send options directly SPICE Viewer (quote value).
  --start-or-resume                      Run stopped or paused VM
  --wait-for-startup <wait-for-startup>  Wait sec. for startup VM [default: 5]
  --version                              Show version information
  --debug                                Show debug information
  -?, -h, --help                         Show help and usage information

Copyright and License

Copyright: Corsinvest Srl For licensing details please visit

Commercial Support

This software is part of a suite of tools called cv4pve-tools. If you want commercial support, visit the site


Launching SPICE remote-viewer having access VM running on Proxmox VE.

this software aims to simplify run SPICE client from Proxmox VE using command line. The reasons are:

  • Proxmox VE uses tickets that expire
  • do not use graphical interface (GUI)
  • no download .vv file to run remove viewer
  • use a simple client

Main features

  • Completely written in C#
  • Use native api REST Proxmox VE (library C#)
  • Independent os (Windows, Linux, Macosx)
  • Installation unzip file extract binary
  • Not require installation in Proxmox VE
  • Execute out side Proxmox VE
  • Not require Web login
  • Support multiple host for HA in --host parameter es. host[:port],host1[:port],host2[:port]
  • Start or Resume VM on connection
  • Check-Update and Upgrade application
  • Use Api token --api-token parameter
  • Send options directly to viewer
  • Execution with file parameter e.g. @FileParameter.parm
  • Validate certificate SSL, default not validate

Api token

From version 6.2 of Proxmox VE is possible to use Api token. This feature permit execute Api without using user and password. If using Privilege Separation when create api token remember specify in permission.

Configuration and use

E.g. install on linux 64

Download last package e.g. Debian, on your os and install:

root@debian:~# unzip

This tool need basically no configuration.


root@debian:~# cv4pve-pepper --host= --username=root@pam --password=fagiano --vmid 100 --viewer path-spice-viewer

SPICE client

Topical path of remote viewer

  • Linux /usr/bin/remote-viewer
  • Windows C:\Program Files\VirtViewer v?.?-???\bin\remote-viewer.exe

Options of remote viewer

Use --viewer-options to send options to viewer. E.g. --viewer-options "-f" for full screen.


  • no spice port: This error appears when you have not configured the display hardware on SPICE.

Execution with file parameter

Is possible execute with file parameter

root@debian:~# cv4pve-pepper @FileParameter.parm

File FileParameter.parm

--vmid 100
--viewer path-spice-viewer