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Android Studio + flutter in Docker. Emulator works too - with or without Display, even over SSH if you forward the display


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Android-Studio docker container

Complete Android-Studio in a Docker container. You can even start an Emulator inside it.

If you don't have a display the Emulator can run with a "dummy" display - perfect for continous integration.

Tested on Linux only.

Building without docker compose

Just run "./", or "docker build -t deadolus/android-studio ." directly. An already built version is also on Docker Hub. So you may also run "docker pull deadolus/android-studio". You may of course change the name of the container.

Running without docker compose



or run directly via

"docker run -i $AOSP_ARGS -v pwd/studio-data:/studio-data --privileged --group-add plugdev deadolus/android-studio" has some options which you can set via Environment variables.

  • NO_TTY - Do not run docker with -t flag
  • DOCKERHOSTNAME - set Docker Hostname. I use it to run tests headless
  • HOST_USB - Use the USB of the Host (useful if you want your physical device to be recognized by adb inside the container)
  • HOST_NET - Use the network of the host
  • HOST_DISPLAY - Allow the container to use the Display of the host. E.g. Let the emulator run on the Hosts Display environment.

You may use a Variable like this: "HOST_NET=1 ./"

The default docker entrypoint tries to start android-studio. So it probably does not make sense to try starting via without HOST_DISPLAY=1. If you just want a shell in the container, without starting Android Studio, run "./ bash" to bypass starting Android Studio

Running and Building with docker compose:

  1. Comment/uncomment the appropriate lines in the compose.yaml depending on if you are running this natively in linux or in WSL.
  2. To build: docker compose build android_emulator
  3. To run: docker compose run android_emulator

Additional information - continous integration

I included a script under provisioning/ which demonstrates how you may use this container in a CI environment. The script starts a headless container, if the HOSTNAME variable is set to CI. It then changes in to a directory (workspace/GoogleTestApp) where it builds and installs an app. It parses logcat for lines containing a string (GoogleTest), uninstalls the app and does some analysis on the parsed lines. While this script probably does not make much sense FOR YOU, it might be useful as a guiding point for you.




Android Studio + flutter in Docker. Emulator works too - with or without Display, even over SSH if you forward the display








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