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Open Source DevSecOps, ASPM & Vulnerability Management.


  1. django-DefectDojo django-DefectDojo Public

    DevSecOps, ASPM, Vulnerability Management. All on one platform.

    HTML 3.5k 1.5k

  2. sample-scan-files sample-scan-files Public

    Sample scan files for testing DefectDojo imports

    HTML 73 124

  3. Community-Contribs Community-Contribs Public

    DefectDojo Community Content

    Jinja 17 19

  4. godojo godojo Public

    Golang installer for DefectDojo

    Go 25 22

  5. defectdojo_api defectdojo_api Public

    Python API library for DefectDojo

    Python 40 79

  6. Burp-Plugin Burp-Plugin Public archive

    A Burp plugin to export findings to DefectDojo

    Python 30 19


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