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Kodio is a Music Remote for Kodi written in SwiftUI for macOS Sonoma, iPadOS 17 and visionOS


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A macOS, iPadOS and visionOS music remote for Kodi


Kodio is written in SwiftUI 5 and needs Xcode 15 to compile. Kodi version 19 Matrix is required.

  • macOS Sonoma
  • iPadOS 17
  • visionOS 1


Unlike most SwiftUI programmers, my focus is on macOS. It is a challenge because there is by far less information about SwiftUI on macOS. Well, part of the fun.

There are plenty Kodi music remotes for iOS and iPadOS.

For macOS, there is none, except mine. I think it is also a little bit great, haha! Music and Kodi.

Bugs, bugs, bugs!

Yes, I know. Kodio is a bit buggy and always will be. Learning everyday something new and Kodio will always be work in progress. Part of the hobby! It is not my job. Not even close; I'm actually a seaman with a lot of free time, haha!

  • Kodio depends on Bonjour to find your Kodi hosts.
  • The visionOS version is only tested in the simulator but looks good!


Kodio depends on the following Swift Package that is also in my GitHub account:

Code documentation

The source code of Kodio is well documented.

How to compile

Xcode 15 is required.

  1. Clone the project.
  2. Change the signing certificate to your own.
  3. Build and run!