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Music Player Daemon Client for UWP and iOS/iPadOS.
Based on MpcNET, my own fork of the original .NET Client Library for MPD. (now on NuGet!)

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  • Full playback control
  • Playlist management (Create, Add/Remove tracks, Delete)
  • Picture-in-picture mode
  • Live tile on Windows 10
  • Local playback support if your MPD server has httpd as an output
  • Integration with native playback controls
  • Browse library by albums, or directly by folders
  • All data is pulled from your MPD Server only
  • Support for both albumart and readpicture commands for maximum compatibility with your cover art library

Usage with a locally hosted MPD server

If your MPD server is locally hosted, you're probably running into the issue where UWP apps can't access localhost.
(See for a summary.) There is a workaround you can use with checknetisolation which should work:

checknetisolation loopbackexempt -a -n="13459Difegue.Stylophone_zd7bwy3j4yjfy"


You can easily contribute translations to Stylophone! To help translate, follow these instructions.

Adding a new language (requires Visual Studio 2019)

  • Create a new issue with the subject [Translation] fr-CA where you replace fr-CA with whatever language-region code you'll be translating into.
    • If an issue already exists, then don't do this step.
  • Fork and clone this repo
  • Open in VS 2019
  • In the Stylophone.Localization project, find the Strings folder.
  • Create a new file inside Strings that looks like this: Resources.en-US.resx but using the language you're translating into.
  • Copy all the existing data from Resources.en-US.resx into your new Resources.[language].resx
  • Translate the strings from english to your language
  • Once done, then commit > push > create pull request!

Improving an existing language (can be done with any text editor)

  • Fork and clone this repo
  • Open the .resx file (e.g. Resources.en-US.resx) you want to edit. Choose any text editor
  • Translate
  • Commit > push > create pull request!


Queue, UWP Queue, iOS
queue_win queue_ios
Library, UWP Library, iOS
library_win library_ios
Playlist, UWP Playlist, iOS
playlist_win playlist_ios
Now Playing, UWP Now Playing, iOS
nowplaying_win nowplaying_ios
Xbox Integration iOS Control Center Integration
xbox controlcenter

Privacy Policy

If Telemetry is enabled in the app's settings, the application will send detailed crash reports using App Center.
Those reports can contain information about your hardware. (Motherboard type, etc)

Stylophone collects no other data from your device.
The Windows Store version can send anonymized error reports related to crashes of the application back to me.