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Our own development branch of the well known WPF document docking library


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My projects Edi, Aehnlich, and many others (open source or commercial) are powered by this project.

AvalonDock is a WPF Document and Tool Window layout container that is used to arrange documents and tool windows in similar ways than many well known IDEs, such as, Eclipse, Visual Studio, PhotoShop and so forth. Here are some CodeProject articles:

This repository contains additional bug fixes and a feature added fork for: xceedsoftware/wpftoolkit version 3.2-3.6. Version 4.0 and later are developed indepentently, which is why this library (version 4.0 and later) uses the namespaces and library names that were used in AvalonDock 2.0 and earlier versions. But most importantly, the usage of this AvalonDock project remains free for both, commercial and open source users.

There is also an open source repository with a fixed and stable version of all other (other than AvalonDock) components from the WPFToolKit.

Be sure to checkout the Wiki for more details.

Building AvalonDock from Source

This project supports multitargeting frameworks (NetCore 3 and .Net 4). This means that it requires Visual Studio Community 2019 or better to build.

Feature Added - Dark and Light VS 2013 Theme

Please review the Project Wiki to see more demo screenshots. All screenshots below are from the MLib based VS 2013 Dark (Accent Color Gold)/Light (Accent Color Blue) theme on Windows 10. Similar theming results should be possible with other theming libraries since the implementation follow these guidelines.

The Docking Buttons are defined in XAML, which ensures a good looking image on all resolutions, even 4K or 8K, and enables us to color theme consistently with the Window 10 Accent Color.

Description Dark Light
Dock Document
Dock Document
Dock Tool Window
Tool Window


Using the AvalonDock.Themes.VS2013 theme is very easy with Dark and Light themes. Just load Light or Dark brush resources in you resource dictionary to take advantage of existing definitions.

        <ResourceDictionary Source="/AvalonDock.Themes.VS2013;component/DarkBrushs.xaml" />
        <ResourceDictionary Source="/AvalonDock.Themes.VS2013;component/LightBrushs.xaml" />

These definitions do not theme all controls used within this library. You should use a standard theming library, such as:

to also theme standard elements, such as, button and textblock etc.

Mile Stone History

Fixes and Features Added in Version 4.72.0

Fixes and Features Added in Version 4.72.0

Fixes Added in Version 4.71.2

Fixes Added in Version 4.71.1

Fixes Added in Version 4.71.0

Fixes Added in Version 4.70.3

Fixes Added in Version 4.70.2

Fixes Added in Version 4.70.1

Features and Fixes Added in Version 4.70.0

Features and Fixes Added in Version 4.60.1

Features and Fixes Added in Version 4.60.0

Features and Fixes Added in Version 4.51.1

Features Added in PRE-VIEW Version 4.51.0

Fixes added in Version 4.50.3

Fixes added in Version 4.50.2

Fixes added in Version 4.50.1

Fixes added in Version 4.5

Fixes & Features added in Version 4.4

Fixes & Features added in Version 4.3

Fixes & Features added in Version 4.2

Fixes & Features added in Version 4.1

Fixes and Features added in Version 4.0

More Patch History

Please review the Path History for more more information on patches and feaures in previously released versions of AvalonDock.