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Better Accessibility Management

Equalify aims to be the most useful accessibility platform. That means faster scanning, more accurate results, and a more intuitive user interface. We publish Equalify code here so that you can run the platform locally, building new features and fixing issues.

Managed Service

Not technical? Want to support Equalify?

Visit to try our hosted service.

The service is fully supported and super fast. Plus, you'll get these features:

  • Automatic Scans
  • Scheduled Scans
  • Multi-User Administration
  • Shareable Reports

And please star this repo!

Your support sustains open source work.


After forking the repo:

  1. Create .env with the following:
    ## DB Info
    ## Scan Info
  2. Run composer install to integrate upload script(you may need to install composer first)
  3. Run in your favorite local LAMP/LEMP setup. (We love ddev!)
  4. Run php actions/install.php to create the tables.
  5. Equalify everything!

PHP 8.1+ is required with MySQL 8.0+.


Submit bug reports, questions, and patches to the repo's issues tab.

If you would like to submit a pull request, please read and before you do.

Special Thanks

A chaos wizard 🧙, Bruno Lowagie, and many others help Equalify. The project is run by @bbertucc. Special shout out to Pantheon and Little Forest for providing funding for bounties. Yi, Kate, Bill, Dash, Sylvia, Anne, Doug, Matt, Nathan, and John- You are the brains that helped launch this idea. @ebertucc and @jrchamp are the project's first contributors - woot woot! Much help also came from mgifford, kreynen, and j-mendez - you all rock! Guzzle makes multiple concurrent scans possible. Composer makes Guzzle possible. TolstoyDotCom and zersiax were our first hired contributors. azsak currently keeps the scan chugging. And of course shoutout to Decubing - they built our MVP!

This project's code is published under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 to inspire new collaborations.

Together, we can equalify the internet.