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No, you can't use this widget to configure your TX module, don't ask!

A simple widget to display ExpressLRS LinkStats telemetry as well as common Betaflight and iNav flight controller telemetry.

widget screenshot


  • Copy the src/WIDGETS/ELRST folder to your handset's SD card in the WIDGETS/ folder such that your SD card will end up with a file called WIDGETS/ELRST/main.lua.
  • Discover sensors
    • Power up your receiver and flight controller and wait for a connection to be established.
    • Press the MDL (model) key, then PAGE to get to the TELEMETRY page.
    • Use the "Discover new" button to start discovering sensors. Betaflight should have 17, iNav should have 23 with GPS.
  • Add the widget to the main screen
    • Press the TELEM button on the handset and navigate to the second page.
    • Tap "Setup widgets".
    • Tap an open space and add the "ELRS Telem" widget.
    • Use the RTN / EXIT button to go back until you're on the main screen again.
    • If you forgot to Discover sensors before adding the widget, discover them and restart the handset entirely.


  • Tested on Radiomaster TX16S with EdgeTX 2.5 only

What is "Range"?

Range is an estimation of the model's distance. Technically, it is just the percentage of the RSSI from -50dBm (0% range) to the sensitivity limit for your selected packet rate (e.g. -105dBm for 500Hz) where it would indicate 100% range. Range does not account for dynamic power, so the indicated range may decrease as power goes up and increase as power goes down.

Can you display GPS info?

The GPS speed, altitude and satellite count are shown on the fullscreen layout of this widget. If the model disconnects and valid GPS coordinates are available, it is displayed on the "Disconnected" mode display.

Values displayed

Key Description Notes
RFMD Packet rate
FM Flight mode Merged with RFMD on some sizes
TPWR RF transmit power Right side bar
1RSS and 2RSS RSSI / Range Will display 2RSS if any value ever received
ANT Active diversity antenna Shown as symbol between 1RSS/2RSS and color
RQLY Link quality
RxBt Receiver battery voltage Attempts to determine per-cell voltage if possible
Curr Receiver battery current
Alt GPS altitude On fullscreen only
GSpd GPS speed On fullscreen only
Sats GPS number of satellites On fullscreen only
GPS GPS position Only shown if disconnected and GPS data received