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Web-hosted flasher for ExpressLRS version 3 firmware

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ExpressLRS Web Flasher

This is a fully web-based flasher for ExpressLRS 3.x Currently supported flashing methods are:

  • UART (Receivers do not need to be in bootloader mode)
  • Betaflight passthrough
  • EdgeTX passthrough
  • STLink
  • Wifi - with mdns lookup and 2.5 upgrade via a locally running proxy

Developing and testing locally

Checkout the git repository and run...

npm install

To start a development web server...

npm run dev

To build the distribution for stuffing on a web server

npm run dist


To actually test the code you will need a firmware folder at the root of the project. The firmware folder, with all it's accoutrements can be downloaded from the ExpressLRS artifact repository by executing the command. This will download all the release artifacts and put all the versions into the index.js file for testing locally. When committing you changes, you will note that there is a comment above where the versions were placed in the index.js file telling you not to commit changes to that line. So it is very important to revert the changes to the versions line before committing you changes.