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Telegram Remote Access Tool

Administration tool for Windows platform, easy accessible through you personal Telegram bot. All commands have description and example. Want to implement your own command? - there is infrastructure and guideline to do it simply.

This software was written in educational purposes only, everything you do with my code is at your own risk, i do not take responsibility for all possible damage you might cause using code in this repository. Remember to be a good boy, and not to spread malicious soft😉


  • Keyboard and Mouse Input Simulation
  • Full Access to File System (including files upload)
  • CMD Commands Executing
  • Python 2.7 Scripts Executing
  • Recording Audio
  • Taking Photo From Webcamera
  • Shutdown, Restart, Logoff

For full list of accessible commands - use /commands command

Why branch called "JIT"

This branch contains code that should be compiled to Microsoft Intermediate Language, which needs a runtime to work. Some features can't be implemented with Ahead Of Time compilation, which AOT branch is all about, so this one has full set of features, but cannot be compile in native. It is also the default branch.


Resources and Guidelines

How to add your own command

Based on F4RBER's Telegram_RAT_CSharp