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A KDE Connect replacement written in Rust. This is not a drop-in replacement, you'll need another client (currently I'm creating one in Dart/Flutter, it will be available soon)

The reason

Why build this from the ground up? Well, I didn't wanna to install all the kde dependencies only to control remotely my PC. My version uses low level tools like uinput and mpris and uses little to no dependencies.


  • Mouse/Keyboard remote control
  • Receive and show notifications
  • SSL encryption
  • Trusted devices
  • Multimedia integration
    • Send events to clients
    • Control players from clients



This project has been developed with the possibility to be expanded in the future. Each message sent in the socket it's a JSON object contains a target and a payload.

The target it's a string composed by the "plugin" name and the action name separated by a colon. The payload contents can be an object or a simple value.

Here it's an example used to move the cursor 3px left and 5px up:

  "target": "uinput:cursor",
  "payload": {
    "x": 3,
    "y": 10


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