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As a toy project, Hikari had way too many design issues that makes it irrelavant in modern binary protection.
You really shouldn't be using it anymore, instead, switch to a commercially supported implementation. If you absolutely must use Hikari, switch to a actively maintained fork like NeHyci/Hikari-LLVM15 where I occasionally show up and provide some insights / hints/ help.

I also occasionally analyze existing open-source/commericial LLVM obfuscators in a professional setup, for analysis reports that are not restricted by an NDA, you can see a stripped down version of my reports here


English Documentation
Hikari(Light in Japanese, name stolen from the Nintendo Switch game Xenoblade Chronicles 2) is Naville's 2017 Christmas Toy Project.

New features are not expected to be open-sourced and instead the focus would be compatibility with future LLVM versions and Xcode versions.


Please refer to License.

Note that this linked version of license text overrides any artifact left in source code


See Compile & Install


All releases prior to and including LLVM8 are signed using this PGP Key from Naville . Verifiable on his Keybase.


This only demonstrates a limited part of Hikari's capabilities. Download the complete demo and analyze yourself, link in the documentation
IndirectBranch InstructionReplacement StringEncryption