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  1. netFIELD-extension-linux netFIELD-extension-linux Public

    netFIELD Cloud, as part of the netFIELD offerings, is made to orchestrate container-based IoT Intelligence in Edge devices remotely. The end-to-end communication is based on Microsoft Azure IoT fea…

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  2. netFIELD-Postman netFIELD-Postman Public

    These JSON files allow the use of Postman to easily integrate the API's offered in into your code.

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  3. netFIELD-example-device-manager-plugin netFIELD-example-device-manager-plugin Public

    This example helps you create a Device Manager plugin for the Hilscher Gateway.

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  4. netFIELD-example-direct-methods-mqtt-publisher netFIELD-example-direct-methods-mqtt-publisher Public

    This example code shows how to create a Edge based application which publishes sample data to a MQTT Bus and how to utilize Microsoft direct Methods to communicate through an API to this container …

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