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PTYng -- Pseudo-terminal utilities

Fork of pty aiming for enhancement of the full stdlib Python API.

As encountered in practice, pty.spawn requires KeyboardInterrupt or else to break hanging from as in pty._copy then raise OSError to pty.spawn and to return from the function.

Thus, ptyng introduced _is_zombie to check if the spawned child process is already dead (or, a 'zombie'), through which pty.spawn will automatically return from function call as normal/trivial scenerios expected.


Standalone releases are available on PyPI:


The main development takes place in the Python standard library: see the Python developer's guide. In particular, new features should be submitted to the Python bug tracker.


Refer to the standard pty documentation.

ptyng.spawn now supports timeout argument. If the timeout expires, the spawned child process will be killed and waited for. Another env argument can be used to set the runtime environment variables for the spawned child process, default is os.environ.