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JetBrains Open Source

JetBrains Open Source

At JetBrains we create, contribute, and support Open Source projects. We are the company behind IntelliJ IDEA and Kotlin, both of which are Open Source and foundational to the many other tools and products we have at JetBrains.

JetBrains on GitHub

This organization houses many of the Open Source projects we work on and provide to the community. Each one has a label that categorises the type of project it is:

Label Description
Official Official projects are officially supported by JetBrains. These can be products, plugins, learning materials, books, and more. They are available for all to use in accordance to the licensing terms and are fully supported by JetBrains.
Team Team projects are created by JetBrains employees. These projects include 20% projects, internal hackathons, those that support product development process, and/or benefit the JetBrains developer community. Team Projects are available for all to use in accordance to the licensing terms, despite not being officially supported. However, there are times that Team Projects become Official Projects.
Incubator Incubator projects are official projects that are being developed by JetBrains. They are considered experimental, not mature enough, or lacking in some manner or release quality such testing and supporting documentation. They are provided as is.
Research Research projects are official projects developed and maintained by laboratories of JetBrains Research. These projects aim to contribute to cutting-edge scientific work and bring its discoveries into the everyday experience of our users. They are provided as is.
Obsolete Obsolete projects are those that have been discontinued, superseded, or historical.

Helping Open Source

In addition to creating and maintaining Open Source projects, JetBrains also contributes, sponsors (both financially and via licenses) many Open Source projects. Find out more about how JetBrains helps Open Source.

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct outlines our expectations for all those who participate in our open source projects and communities (community programs), as well as the consequences for unacceptable behaviour. We invite all those who participate to help us create safe and positive experiences for everyone. Communities mirror the societies in which they exist and positive action is essential to counteract the many forms of inequality and abuses of power that exist in society.

How to behave

The following behaviours are expected and requested of all community members:

  • Participate in an authentic and active way. In doing so, you contribute to the health and longevity of this community.
  • Exercise consideration, respect and empathy in your speech and actions. Remember, we have all been through different stages of learning when adopting technologies.
  • Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behaviour and speech.
  • Disagreements on things are fine, argumentative behaviour or trolling are not.

How not to behave

  • Do not perform threats of violence or use violent language directed against another person.
  • Do not make jokes of sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist or otherwise discriminatory nature, or use language of this nature.
  • Do not post or display sexually explicit or violent material.
  • Do not post or threaten to post other people’s personally identifying information ("doxing").
  • Do not make personal insults, particularly those related to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or disability.
  • Do not engage in sexual attention. This includes, sexualised comments or jokes and sexual advances.
  • Do not advocate for, or encourage, any of the above behaviour.

Please take into account that online communities bring together people from many different cultures and backgrounds. It's important to understand that sometimes the combination of cultural differences and online interaction can lead to misunderstandings. That is why having empathy is very important.

How to report issues

If someone is acting inappropriately or violating this Code of Conduct in any shape or form, and they are not receptive to your feedback or you prefer not to confront them, please reach out to JetBrains via

Consequences of Unacceptable Behaviour

Unacceptable behaviour from any community member will not be tolerated. Anyone asked to stop unacceptable behaviour is expected to comply immediately. If a community member engages in unacceptable behaviour, JetBrains and/or community organisers may take any action they deem appropriate, up to and including a temporary ban or permanent expulsion from the community without warning.

License and attribution

The license is based off of The Citizen Code of Conduct is distributed by Stumptown Syndicate under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.


  1. kotlin kotlin Public

    The Kotlin Programming Language.

    Kotlin 48.2k 5.6k

  2. intellij-community intellij-community Public

    IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition & IntelliJ Platform

    16.8k 5.2k

  3. compose-multiplatform compose-multiplatform Public

    Compose Multiplatform, a modern UI framework for Kotlin that makes building performant and beautiful user interfaces easy and enjoyable.

    Kotlin 15.2k 1.1k

  4. JetBrainsMono JetBrainsMono Public

    JetBrains Mono – the free and open-source typeface for developers

    Shell 10.5k 298

  5. intellij-platform-plugin-template intellij-platform-plugin-template Public template

    Template repository for creating plugins for IntelliJ Platform

    Kotlin 2.9k 577

  6. JetBrainsRuntime JetBrainsRuntime Public

    Runtime environment based on OpenJDK for running IntelliJ Platform-based products on Windows, macOS, and Linux

    Java 1.2k 183


Showing 10 of 692 repositories
  • JetBrains/godot-support’s past year of commit activity
    C# 354 Apache-2.0 23 20 (5 issues need help) 3 Updated Jun 24, 2024
  • Arend Public

    The Arend Proof Assistant

    JetBrains/Arend’s past year of commit activity
    Java 689 Apache-2.0 34 43 1 Updated Jun 24, 2024
  • MPS-extensions Public

    MPS-extensions aims to ease language development within MPS.

    JetBrains/MPS-extensions’s past year of commit activity
    JetBrains MPS 80 Apache-2.0 47 175 (13 issues need help) 4 Updated Jun 24, 2024
  • kotlin Public

    The Kotlin Programming Language.

    JetBrains/kotlin’s past year of commit activity
    Kotlin 48,195 5,646 2 180 Updated Jun 24, 2024
  • resharper-fsharp Public

    F# support in JetBrains Rider

    JetBrains/resharper-fsharp’s past year of commit activity
    F# 325 Apache-2.0 52 28 25 Updated Jun 24, 2024
  • kotlin-web-site Public

    The Kotlin programming language website

    JetBrains/kotlin-web-site’s past year of commit activity
    JavaScript 1,436 Apache-2.0 3,716 2 25 Updated Jun 24, 2024
  • intellij-plugins Public

    Open-source plugins included in the distribution of IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate and other IDEs based on the IntelliJ Platform

    JetBrains/intellij-plugins’s past year of commit activity
    Java 2,097 1,006 0 25 Updated Jun 24, 2024
  • qodana-action Public

    ⚙️ Scan your Go, Java, Kotlin, PHP, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, .NET projects at GitHub with Qodana. This repository contains Qodana for Azure, GitHub, CircleCI and Gradle

    JetBrains/qodana-action’s past year of commit activity
    JavaScript 253 Apache-2.0 35 0 3 Updated Jun 24, 2024
  • swot Public Forked from leereilly/swot

    NOTE: requests are not processed from 15.06.2024 to 30.06.2024 // Identify email addresses or domains names that belong to colleges or universities. Help automate the process of approving or rejecting academic discounts.

    JetBrains/swot’s past year of commit activity
    Kotlin 1,657 MIT 19,366 1 64 Updated Jun 24, 2024
  • JetBrainsRuntime Public

    Runtime environment based on OpenJDK for running IntelliJ Platform-based products on Windows, macOS, and Linux

    JetBrains/JetBrainsRuntime’s past year of commit activity
    Java 1,191 GPL-2.0 183 50 11 Updated Jun 24, 2024