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Portable Executable Encryptor

This is a small program that i created for educational purposes that creates a new section in a portable executable and injects code into it.

Getting Started

This build currently supports only x86 files. You could easily create a new section (header and data) with this program, encrypt an existing section data and inject code into a newly created section. The program also has a default decryption code(Xor and increment) that you could inject to "hide" sections data and makes them decrypt at runtime.


Runtime decryption will only work on PEs that got linked with a static base address.



You just need a 2015 update 3 of visual studio or later to build.


[file] Portable Executable file name.
[bin] Binary file to inject in the new section(can be skipped if you don't want to use one or to use the default one).
	-x [SectionToEncrypt] Finds and encrypts the section data.
	-e Sets file entry point to the newly added section.
	-s [SectionName] Force the name of the new section (.kik is the default).
	-k [key] Force a new IncXor encryption key (A5 is the default).
	-o [OutputFileName] Force an output file name ([file].packed is the default).
	-d Force generation of a default code encryptor and use it.
	-h Will print this parameters guide and quit.


This command for example will encrypt the .text section with 0xA5 as a key, generate a decryption code and inject it in the new section and changes the file entry point to the injectedcode.

pck FileToPack.exe -x .text -e -s .NSec -k A5 -o OutputFile.exe -d

This one will just create a new section, injects your code into it and changes the entry point to the injected code.

pck FileToPack.exe CodeToInject.o -s .NSec -e


My code is not that great if not horrible so feel free to contribute.


Simple Portable Executable section creator and encryptor








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