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NetNut proxy integration with Lalicat antidetect browser

NetNut Proxy & Lalicat Antidetect Browser

As a popular and top 5 proxy in Europe and North America, Netnut Proxy is run by a specialized software team from the year 2013, makes a great advance in online software technology, has expanded its business from the English countries to other language countries.

For its increased popularity in a boosted market, Netnut Proxy setting with Lalicat Anti detect Browser is always questioned by our customers online, now we conclude some steps to answer it as follow:

  1. Sign up Netnut website and register a new user to get a 7-day free trial after contacting the service online.

  2. Ask for Activating the three Types of IPs, and get the Rotating Residental Proxy IP Address: [] and Port: [5959] from Netnut online service.
    NetNut Proxy & Lalicat Antidetect Browser

  3. Download and install the Lalicat Browser:

  4. log into the Lalicat Browser, click “Browser List” and then “Add Browser Profile“(like an absolutely new device with a new fingerprint) at the top-left corner of the software screen.
    NetNut Proxy & Lalicat Antidetect Browser

  5. Enter the name of the browser file, such as “netnut-proxy-test-3”. Choose the right Operation System you want to emulate that matches the real one in your computer is better, such as popular Windows 10, Mac OS, Linux, as the following screenshot:
    NetNut Proxy & Lalicat Antidetect Browser

Netnut Proxy Setting:

A. Choose HTTP as one of the Proxy Type ( Netnut also supports HTTPS/Socks5).

B. Enter IP Address [] and Port [5959] ( It is a normal HTTP setting parameter from Netnut).
NetNut Proxy & Lalicat Antidetect Browser

C. Enter Login User: [Proxy Login Name-res-any] and Login Password: [csjR9EtsXXrj] (all the information is from Netnut Account Backend, that Login user = Proxy Login Name, Login password = Generate Proxy Password, which will be valid 15 minutes later) as follow screenshot:
NetNut Proxy & Lalicat Antidetect Browser

  1. Click the “Save” Button to save the new browser profile as you want.
    NetNut Proxy & Lalicat Antidetect Browser

  2. Click the “Check the network” to check the Proxy Connection Status, we can get the information*: “IP: country / region: AL / US / Cullman*” which means Netnut Connection is valid and working.
    NetNut Proxy & Lalicat Antidetect Browser

  3. Click [Run] as red marks as follow screenshot to run Lalicat Multi Login Browser profile with Netnut Proxy(HTTP).
    NetNut Proxy & Lalicat Antidetect Browser

Important Information:

A. For getting the right Netnut Proxy Setting, we take Rotating Residential IPs as HTTP Type for example, the normal [Login User] format is:[username-res-any].

a).Username in the [username-res-any] should be your proxy login name(as former has mentioned: LalicatB).

b).res in the username-res-any means residential IPs.

c). any in the [username-res-any] means any country. if we keep “any” unchanged, the IP will be changed from one country to another. if we want to select a certain country for different browser profiles, we can use “us” equal to “USA“, the right type is “LalicatB-res-us“. For more country code, we can view our account backend in Netnut as the following screenshot or view link:
NetNut Proxy & Lalicat Antidetect Browser

B. We also take static residential IPs in HTTP Type for example, the normal login user format is [username-stc-any-sid-8 digits]. Here, The meaning of username and any is the same as A Part, the STC and sid-8 digits are different, simple explanation listed as follow:

a). Stc clearly means static.

b) The 8 digits can be any number between 1-99999999, we can type it randomly as 69874108, not 12345678.

So that we can get an accurate Login user: [LalicatB-stc-any-69874108]

C. Netnut also supports HTTPS and Socks5. We take USA Proxy, for example, the right format listed as follows:

Proxy Type: socks 5.
Proxy IP Address: (USA).
Port: 9595.

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