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Lalicat Antidetect Browser -

Lalicat antidetect browser for managing multiple accounts


Lalicat is an antidetect browser designed for managing multiple accounts by generating multiple virtual browsers with different browser fingerprints. Lalicat can simulate browsers of Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and IOS operating systems.

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How to create a Lalicat account?

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Lalicat antidetect browser supports HTTP/HTTPS/Socks4/Socks5 proxy protocols, so Lalicat can integrate most proxy servers in the market.


If you want to hide real browser fingerprints, create and manage multiple accounts of the same platform, protect your privacy online, Lalicat browser can help you. Using Lalicat, you can create unlimited browsers with different hardware and software parameters, and connect different proxy IPs for every browser profile, like browsers from different locations and devices.

Now Lalicat offers new users a 3-day free trial, contact us for it!