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An effort to bring Google's Firebase C++ API to Qt + QML


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An effort to bring the Firebase C++ API to Qt 5

QtFirebase aims to bring all the features of the Firebase C++ SDK to Qt 5 - both as C++ wrappers and as QML components.

Please bear in mind that the Firebase C++ SDK currently only supports the mobile platforms Android and iOS.

You can still build QtFirebase on other platforms as the project provides stub implementations or placeholder components - they just return default/empty values when used. Because of this you won't see e.g. ads from AdMob in your desktop builds.

This is due to Google's own limitations in the Firebase C++ SDK implementation.

The Firebase C++ SDK claim to already provide stub implementations for easier building on unsupported platforms - QtFirebase have chosen not to link to unnecessary closed source code - thus we do not link against the stub implementations from Google.

Features / Status

The following features have a working Qt 5 C++ and QML counterpart

Feature Library C++ QML Credits
Base libapp.a Lars Pontoppidan
AdMob libadmob.a Lars Pontoppidan
Analytics libanalytics.a Lars Pontoppidan
Authentication libauth.a Partial Partial Isy
Realtime Database libdatabase.a Partial Partial greenfield932
Dynamic Links libdynamic_links.a
Cloud Messaging libmessaging.a Isy
Remote Config libremote_config.a greenfield932
Cloud Storage libstorage.a in progress 🔧 Furkanzmc

Tested Firebase C++ SDK versions

Base, AdMob, Analytics Up until commit cb52be83:

v2.1.0, v2.1.1, v2.1.2

Base, AdMob, Analytics, RemoteConfig

v3.1.0, v4.0.1

Base, AdMob, Analytics, RemoteConfig, Cloud Messaging


Base, AdMob, Analytics, RemoteConfig, Cloud Messaging, Authentication, Realtime Database

v4.1.0, v4.2.0, v4.5.0, v4.5.1, v5.0.0, v5.1.1, v5.3.0, 6.1.0, 6.7.0

In most cases you'll be able to build against the latest version of the Firebase C++ SDK - but we've experienced times when developers got lost in the woods for doing so. In that case we recommend you build against one of the latest tested versions of the Firebase C++ SDK as listed above.


When you encounter bugs; Please see if they are known issues here or here - before reporting


For a working and up-to-date example please follow the Quick start section found in the QtFirebaseExample README.

Please see for instructions on how to set up QtFirebase in your Qt Creator project.


Please look at the QtFirebaseExample repository. In you will find details on what to add to your project files (, Info.plist, etc.).


Please see comments and usecases in the QtFirebaseExample project


Possible ways of getting support

Possible ways of giving support

  • Comment helpfully on issues
  • Fork, Change, Make a Pull Request
  • Share online
  • Buy QtFirebase ❤'s You'll get a personal email full of hearts from Black Grain!

Possible ways of being really awesome

  • Open source your own Qt/QML projects
  • Be nice (it's really that simple)



The Firebase C++ SDK has (or has had) a lot of stability issues - which QtFirebase does its best to work around by wrapping the API into more Qt/C++ friendly classes that prevent some of the bugs and crashes found so far. Please use the latest SDK version to get the latest fixes.


Version v4.5.0: Native Express ads are deprecated and removed from Firebase in this release and forward. Therefore QtFirebaseAdMobNativeExpressAd is removed in commit 4e217cc.

Version v6.0.0: Invites are removed from Firebase.

In the wild

The following is a list of software that uses QtFirebase


Without contributions from all these good people this project would not exist.

Lars Pontoppidan (Maintainer, project founder, Base, AdMob, Analytics), greenfield932 (Remote Config, Misc.), Isy (Cloud Messaging, Auth, Misc.), Andrew Dolby (adolby) (Cloud Messaging, Misc.), li3p (Bugs, Misc.), morebest (Bugs, Misc.) guillaume charbonnier (Auth) ... and many more