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Example Qt app for the QtFirebase project

Quick start

  1. Clone the example app and the QtFirebase project
  • Clone example project

    cd /path/to/projects
    git clone
  • Clone the QtFirebase project

    Clone into the "extensions" folder or into other folder of your choice

    cd /path/to/projects/QtFirebaseExample/extensions
    git clone
  1. Follow the instructions in on how to setup QtFirebase

What to expect when things are running

Congratiolations! You fought through the setup - pad yourself on the back!

When you get QtFirebaseExample running on your device for the first time things might not look as expected. Some ads are missing, something fails to load, the universe implodes etc.

First off: If you have the QtFirebaseExample running and showing at least one test ad that means that QtFirebase is working. People report different results on different devices. Not everyone can load and show interstitial and reward ads. If you setup your own correct Firebase project with correct app Id's, AdUnit Id's etc. and do a release build via Google Play - things should work as expected.

But, they don't always do.

Well, then please see what to do next.