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Libre Hardware Monitor, a fork of Open Hardware Monitor, is free software that can monitor the temperature sensors, fan speeds, voltages, load and clock speeds of your computer.

What's included?

Name .NET Build Status
Windows Forms based application that presents all data in a graphical interface
.NET Framework 4.7.2 Build status
Library that allows you to use all features in your own application
.NET Framework 4.7.2, .NET 6.0, and .NET 7.0 Build status

What can it do?

You can read information from devices such as:

  • Motherboards
  • Intel and AMD processors
  • NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards
  • HDD, SSD and NVMe hard drives
  • Network cards

Where can I download it?

You can download the latest release here.

Nightly builds

If you have a GitHub account, you can download nightly builds here. Otherwise, you can download the latest nightly build here.

How can I help improve it?

The LibreHardwareMonitor team welcomes feedback and contributions!
You can check if it works properly on your motherboard. For many manufacturers, the way of reading data differs a bit, so if you notice any inaccuracies, please send us a pull request. If you have any suggestions or improvements, don't hesitate to create an issue.

Developer information

Integrate the library in own application

  1. Add the LibreHardwareMonitorLib NuGet package to your application.
  2. Use the sample code below.

Sample code

public class UpdateVisitor : IVisitor
    public void VisitComputer(IComputer computer)
    public void VisitHardware(IHardware hardware)
        foreach (IHardware subHardware in hardware.SubHardware) subHardware.Accept(this);
    public void VisitSensor(ISensor sensor) { }
    public void VisitParameter(IParameter parameter) { }

public void Monitor()
    Computer computer = new Computer
        IsCpuEnabled = true,
        IsGpuEnabled = true,
        IsMemoryEnabled = true,
        IsMotherboardEnabled = true,
        IsControllerEnabled = true,
        IsNetworkEnabled = true,
        IsStorageEnabled = true

    computer.Accept(new UpdateVisitor());

    foreach (IHardware hardware in computer.Hardware)
        Console.WriteLine("Hardware: {0}", hardware.Name);
        foreach (IHardware subhardware in hardware.SubHardware)
            Console.WriteLine("\tSubhardware: {0}", subhardware.Name);
            foreach (ISensor sensor in subhardware.Sensors)
                Console.WriteLine("\t\tSensor: {0}, value: {1}", sensor.Name, sensor.Value);

        foreach (ISensor sensor in hardware.Sensors)
            Console.WriteLine("\tSensor: {0}, value: {1}", sensor.Name, sensor.Value);

Administrator rights

Some sensors require administrator privileges to access the data. Restart your IDE with admin privileges, or add an app.manifest file to your project with requestedExecutionLevel on requireAdministrator.


LibreHardwareMonitor is free and open source software licensed under MPL 2.0. You can use it in private and commercial projects. Keep in mind that you must include a copy of the license in your project.