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SX126X driver

This package proposes an implementation in C of the driver for SX126X radio component. Please see the changelog for more information.


The driver is defined as follows:

  • sx126x.c: implementation of the driver functions
  • sx126x.h: declarations of the driver functions
  • sx126x_regs.h: definitions of all useful registers (address and fields)
  • sx126x_hal.h: declarations of the HAL functions (to be implemented by the user - see below)
  • lr_fhss_mac.c: Transceiver-independent LR-FHSS implementation
  • sx126x_lr_fhss.c: Transceiver-dependent LR-FHSS implementation
  • lr_fhss_mac.h: Transceiver-independent LR-FHSS declarations
  • sx126x_lr_fhss.h: Transceiver-dependent LR-FHSS declarations
  • lr_fhss_v1_base_types.h: LR-FHSS type interface


The HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) is a collection of functions the user shall implement to write platform-dependant calls to the host. The list of functions is the following:

  • sx126x_hal_reset
  • sx126x_hal_wakeup
  • sx126x_hal_write
  • sx126x_hal_read