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  1. NSudo NSudo Public archive

    [Deprecated, work in progress alternative:] Series of System Administration Tools

    C++ 1.8k 210

  2. Nagisa Nagisa Public archive

    (Superseded by NanaGet) An open source file transfer utility on Universal Windows Platform.

    C++ 57 3

  3. FFmpegUniversal FFmpegUniversal Public archive

    (Superseded by Mile.FFmpeg) Merged FFmpeg dynamic linked library for the Windows Universal Platform.

    Batchfile 22 7

  4. M2TeamCommonLibrary M2TeamCommonLibrary Public archive

    M2-Team Common Library

    C 15 5

  5. NWSRMgr NWSRMgr Public archive

    [Deprecated] NWSRMgr - 系统还原管理器

    C# 11 4

  6. TinyMSLicenseViewer TinyMSLicenseViewer Public archive

    TinyMSLicenseViewer - 一个小巧的微软授权查看器

    C++ 11 2


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