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C library for Ti-84+CE and Ti-83 Premium CE calculators, that allows you to interface with the internet.


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Internet on your Ti-84+CE and Ti-83 Premium CE

This is a high-level library for interfacing with the internet on Ti-84+CE and Ti-83 Premium CE.

The scope of the library

What InternetCE can do:

  • Acquire an IP address with DHCP.
  • Make HTTP Get and Post requests.
  • Send DNS requests.
  • Send UDP/TCP/IPv4/Ethernet. In particular, you can handle any web protocol that the lib don't, such as IRC, SSH, etc.
  • Send an ICMP echo reply when receiving an echo request (ping).

What InternetCE canNOT do:

  • Make HTTPS requests as TLS is not supported yet.
  • Display the content of the accessed URL (it only provides you the data).
  • Handle IPv6.
  • Download resources bigger than 65535 bytes.

Getting started

  • Plug the calculator to any RNDIS device (basically your phone). To this end, you may need to buy an adapter. The "final cable" you need is something that has a male mini USB Type A at one end (for the calculator) and a male micro USB or USB Type C at the other end (for your phone). You can use for example :
    • The charger of your phone (USB <-> Micro USB or USB Type C) (you should already have this).
    • A Mini USB Type A Male <-> USB Female cable - For example :
      Warning : Make sure you choose the Mini A cable (in the color section)!
  • Transfer a program that has been compiled with the library.
  • Run it, and enable the USB internet connection sharing. On Android, it should be near the Wi-Fi Tethering menu.

Example of use

git clone this project and put the include/internet.h file into the include folder of your toolchain. Then modify the file src/minimal.c as you wish. You can find other examples of what you can do with the lib in the examples folder. For information, the minimal program using this library would be:

#include <internet.h>

int main(void) {
	while(!web_Connected()) {
	// Do whatever you want
	return 0;

Help & Bug report

As mentioned, some examples of use are available in the examples folder. You can draw inspiration from those programs. If you can't find what you want, feel free to ask your questions on forums such as Ti-Planet or Cemetech. This library may contain bugs. If you encounter one, please contact me on or (Epharius).