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Minds is an open-source, encrypted and reward-based social networking platform.


Full documentation can be found at We suggest getting started at the introduction.


Minds is split into multiple repositories:

  • Engine - Backend code & APIs
  • Front - Client side Angular2 web app
  • Sockets - WebSocket server for real-time communication
  • Mobile - React Native mobile apps

Development Installation

See our installation guide to get your local stack up and running


Having trouble with your local stack? See troubleshooting


If you'd like to contribute to the Minds project, check out how to contribute or head right over to the Minds Open Source Community. If you've found or fixed a bug, let us know in the Minds Help and Support Group!

Security reports

Please report all security issues to

License and Copyright

General license and copyright information is located here, and the AGPLv3 fine print is available here. In addition, please see the license file of each repository.