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Mobile Robotics Lab. at Skoltech


  1. Perception-in-Robotics-course-T3-2021-Skoltech Perception-in-Robotics-course-T3-2021-Skoltech Public archive

    Percepion in Robotics, T3 course 2020-2021 from the Data Science Program at Skoltech

    Jupyter Notebook 59 19

  2. OpenCamera-Sensors OpenCamera-Sensors Public archive

    Android app for synchronized recording of video and IMU data with advanced camera options, useful for 3D reconstruction, SLAM, AR, video stabilization. Supports remote control over network.

    Java 160 18

  3. mrob mrob Public archive

    Mobile Robotics Lab. A Cpp-Py library for 3D state estimation

    C++ 22 8

  4. RecSync-android RecSync-android Public archive

    Video recording app with sub-millisecond synchronization accuracy for multiple Android smartphones, useful for creating affordable and easy-to-setup multi-view camera systems for robotics, SLAM, 3D…

    Java 50 15

  5. map-metrics map-metrics Public archive

    Pip-package for trajectory benchmarking from "Be your own Benchmark: No-Reference Trajectory Metric on Registered Point Clouds", ECMR'21

    Python 36 6

  6. lidar-sync-mimics-gps lidar-sync-mimics-gps Public archive

    Open-Source LiDAR Time Synchronization System by Mimicking GPS-clock

    C 78 20


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