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Track your device via telegram bot

Table of Contents


  1. Run install.bat
  2. Go to Telegram BotFather and create a bot of any name you want
  3. Bot father will give you token paste it in
  4. Go to Telegram Bot Raw and start
  5. you will get a json response like this
       "update_id": 123456,
       "message": {
           "message_id": 123456,
           "from": {
               "id": YOUR ID,
               "is_bot": false,
               "first_name": "Jyoti",
               "last_name": "Singh",
               "username": "jyotisingh1980",
               "language_code": "en"
           "chat": {
               "id": YOUR ID,
               "first_name": "yourname",
               "last_name": "name",
               "username": "usname",
               "type": "private"
           "date": 1703230469,
           "text": "/start",
           "entities": [
                   "offset": 0,
                   "length": 6,
                   "type": "bot_command"
  6. copy "YOUR ID" and paste it in
  7. Go to Telegram BotFather and set the following commands
     hi - Check bot status
     ss - Get ScreenShot
     img - Get Image of Person
     rec - Record the person
     lock - Lock the windows
     list_and_close_windows - Close any desired open window
     stdown - Shut down windows
     iplocation - Get the IP adress location




  1. Press Win + R to open the Run dialog.
  2. Type shell:startup and press Enter. This will open the "Startup" folder.
  3. Create shortcut of runScriptSilently.vbs in "Startup" folder