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Medea :Progressive Web Application for Media Streaming

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Medea is a Progressive Web Application for Media Streaming


Progressive Web Apps (PWA) technology bring apps hat are built using Web technologies closer to native apps. Deployment of Web apps across devices is eased, because of standardized APIs.

For example, on mobile platforms (e.g. iOS or Android) PWAs can be added to the home screen with the help of Web App Manifests; on Windows, PWAs can be submitted to the Microsoft Store. Using Service Workers API and Indexed DB, offline playback capability can be enabled. Performance can be improved with the help of Web Workers.

Our Tasks:

  • Develop an interoperable PWA for media playback, which includes a catalogue and media player (e.g. dash.js or shaka-player) Research and develop download and offline playback functionality for adaptive streams Test in different browsers and devices

Required Skills:

Web Technologies: JavaScript, HTML, CSS Basic knowledge in adaptive media streaming technology


Steps to run the project:

Step 1. The project can be downloaded from

Step 2. Checkout to master branch and make sure that you have the latest code using git pull.

Step 3. Import the code to any IDE like visual code and run the index file inside the Web folder.


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