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The OWASP Cheat Sheet Series was created to provide a concise collection of high value information on specific application security topics.


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Welcome to the OWASP Cheat Sheet Series

OWASP Flagship Creative Commons License

Welcome to the official repository for the Open Web Application Security Project® (OWASP) Cheat Sheet Series project. The project focuses on providing good security practices for builders in order to secure their applications.

In order to read the cheat sheets and reference them, use the project official website. The project details can be viewed on the OWASP main website without the cheat sheets.

🚩 Markdown files are the working sources and aren't intended to be referenced in any external documentation, books or websites.

Cheat Sheet Series Team

Project Leaders

Core Team

Chat With Us

We're easy to find on Slack:

  1. Join the OWASP Group Slack with this invitation link.
  2. Join the #cheatsheets channel.

Feel free to ask questions, suggest ideas, or share your best recipes.

Contributions, Feature Requests, and Feedback

We are actively inviting new contributors! To start, please read the contribution guide.

This project is only possible thanks to the work of many dedicated volunteers. Everyone is encouraged to help in ways large and small. Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Read the current content and help us fix any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.
  • Choose an existing issue on GitHub and submit a pull request to fix it.
  • Open a new issue to report an opportunity for improvement.

Automated Build

This link allows you to download a build (ZIP archive) of the offline website.

Local build pyVersion3x

The OWASP Cheat Sheet Series website can be built and tested locally by issuing the following commands:

make install-python-requirements
make generate-site
make serve  # Binds port 8000


  • From 2014 to 2018: V1 - Initial version of the project hosted on the OWASP WIKI.
  • From 2019: V2 - Hosted on GitHub.

Special thanks

A special thank you to the following people for their help provided during the migration:

  • Dominique Righetto: For his special leadership and guidance.
  • Elie Saad: For valuable help in updating the OWASP Wiki links for all the migrated cheat sheets and for years of leadership and other project support.
  • Jakub Maćkowski: For valuable help in updating the OWASP Wiki links for all the migrated cheat sheets.

Open Web Application Security Project and OWASP are registered trademarks of the OWASP Foundation, Inc.