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Spout2 Plugin for OBS Studio (64bit)

This plugin enables the import and export of shared textures at high resolution to and from SPOUT2 compatible programs.


Previously the only way to import shared textures from SPOUT was via the DirectShow SpoutCam interface or by screen-capturing the full-screen output of the SpoutReceiver program.

The SpoutCam is limited to standard webcam resolutions and capped at 1920x1080 and capturing the SpoutReceiver is both inefficient and limited by your current screen resolution.

Previously, there was no way of outputting Spout video textures from OBS.

This plugin implements the SPOUT2 SDK, creates an OBS Source from the SPOUT shared texture and a Spout output which sends the content of the OBS canvas to Spout.

Please see installation and usage guide here


Thanks to the developer of OBS-OpenVR-Input-Plugin whose source helped greatly in getting my head around the OBS API.

Thanks to the OBS team and their discord channel

Thanks to the authors of SPOUT for the library and clear documentation


  • Go to the Releases Page
  • Download the windows installer: OBS_Spout2_Plugin_Installer.exe
  • Run the installer (accepting installation from untrusted source)
  • Select the OBS directory if not the default install location

N.B there are no current plans for 32bit builds, although theoretically this should be possible

Contributing / Building

  • Clone this repo recursively
git clone --recursive
  • Clone the main OBS repository recursively.
  • Carefully follow their build instructions
  • Add this repo as a submodule inside the plugins folder: git submodule add plugins/win-spout
  • Edit the CMakeLists.txt file in /plugins directory and add add_subdirectory(win-spout) inside the if(WIN32) block.
  • Run Configure, Generate and then Open Project in the CMake Gui

Building a release locally

  • Open git bash or similar bash terminal interpreter
  • Run ./scripts/ <version number>
  • You should find the executable (installer) and zip file in the main win-spout directory

Building the windows installer

Pull Requests welcome!


Thanks to everybody that submitted bug tickets and in particular the code contributors:


  • Improve CMakeLists.txt to copy Spout.dll automatically (thanks to @shugen002)
  • Spout Output
  • Spout Filter Output


This plugin authored by Campbell Morgan is Copyright Off World Live Ltd, 2019-2021 and licenced under the GPL V.2.