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Advanced electrostimulation machine development kit.


What is it?

This project describes the design and implementation of a bare-bones, yet highly innovative and powerful, pulse-based electrostimulation device. Both its hardware and its firmware are open for modification and extension.


Discord: @Onwrikbaar


This is a work in progress. The repo will be updated every few weeks until well into 2025.


Please send me an e-mail in case you are building this design, and let me know whether you run into any questions or problems. It will help me decide how I can best lower the threshold to replicating NeoDK. Thanks!


  1. The last quarter century, innovation in the e-stim realm has been virtually nonexistent, despite massive advances in electronics and cheap computing power. Currently available commercial devices are without exception channel-oriented and produce TENS-like waveforms. Most are horrendously energy-inefficient. The time has come to unlock the potential of a more capable architecture.
  2. It is fairly easy for non-programmers to create, share and improve routines to be played on stereostim setups. Currently there is no way to achieve the same for pulse-based e-stim devices. This project aims to (eventually) bridge that gap.


NeoDK is experimental, recreational, educational hardware and software. It comes with absolutely no warranty of any kind. Its designs are free to use - under the conditions set forth in its Licence. Using the designs -in original or modified form- implies acceptance of any and all associated risks and liabilities.

How (not) to use NeoDK

  • Use it entirely at your own risk.
  • Do not use it for anything time-critical, safety-critical, medical, industrial, military, commercial, or illegal - it was not designed for any of that.
  • Do not use it on anyone without explicit and informed consent.
  • Keep any and all electrodes connected to this device placed below the waist.
  • Do not use a so-called triphase cable with this device!


NeoDK can generate potentially lethal voltages and currents on its outputs and on internal components, even when powered from a battery. The risks associated with building, testing and using this device can be reduced but not eliminated.

The NeoDK device is designed to stay well within the IEC 60601-2-10 limits. However, these limits are not necessarily maintained when the supply voltage, circuit, components or accompanying firmware are changed in any way.


This project is intended for experienced electronics hobbyists and professionals, who possess a keen understanding of the risks associated with electrostimulation and high-voltage circuitry, and who desire one or more of the following:

  • e-stim sensations unattainable through conventional power boxes.
  • a high-intensity remotely controllable e-stim device to incorporate into a multi-toy setup or home control system.
  • a deeper understanding of advanced, energy-efficient electronic circuitry for pulse-based electrostimulation.
  • an innovative yet compact, proven design to base one's own developments on.
  • a pulse-based device that can store and play user-created routines (planned for 2025).


NeoDK is NOT a ready-for-play e-stim box. It is a minimal viable design (MVD) of a powerful and highly efficient electrostimulation device that is not limited by 2-pole 'channels' or strictly TENS-like waveforms. Schematic and board CAD files are included, but to get a working device involves soldering as well as programming.


NeoDK's electronics and firmware can do things no commercially available e-stim box comes close to. If this appeals to you but you would like to have more features than NeoDK offers, by all means use NeoDK as the foundation for your own design - while observing this project's Licence. Regarding licensing for commercial / non-open source purposes, please contact the author.

Why to start simple

"A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked. A complex system designed from scratch never works and cannot be patched up to make it work. You have to start over with a working simple system." -- John Gall