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Alternative IP Camera firmware from an open community


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Alternative open firmware for your IP camera

(based on Buildroot)


OpenIPC is an open source operating system from the open community targeting for IP cameras with ARM and MIPS processors from several manufacturers in order to replace that closed, opaque, insecure, often abandoned and unsupported firmware pre-installed by a vendor.

OpenIPC firmware comes as binary pre-compiled files for easy installation by end-user. Also, we provide full access to the source files for further development and improvement by any capable programmer willing to contribute to the project. OpenIPC source code is released under one of the most simple open source license agreements, MIT License, giving users express permission to reuse code for any purpose, even as part of a proprietary software. We only ask you politely to contribute your improvements back to us. We would be grateful for any feedback and suggestions.

Historically, OpenIPC firmware only supported SoC manufactured by HiSilicon, but as the development continues, the list of supported processors expands. Today, it also includes chips from Ambarella, Anyka, Fullhan, Goke, GrainMedia, Ingenic, MStar, Novatek, SigmaStar, XiongMai, and is expected to grow further.

More information about the project is available in our website and on the wiki.

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