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Panasonic Lumix Camera remote control application for Windows 10 (UWP)

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Application can remotly control Panasonic Lumix Cameras from Windows 10 devices (PC, Mobile, ... Xbox, Hololens!?)

Former name GMaster.

Application can do no more than original app from Panasonic for Android/iOS. While for now app does not support all remote features, supported features work in a better and faster way. And if something is wrong or not enough I can fix it much much faster than Panasonic in their app.

App is free and has no ad. You can install it from MS Store or from Project Release page

Connection Manual (incomplete)


  • Fullscreen camera liveview. Split screen and new windows for multiple cameras.
  • LUT preview. Per camera setting.
  • Photo capture and video recording start/stop.
  • Change basic parameters like ISO, Aperture, and Shutter. Changes on camera get reflected on the screen in real time.
  • Move/resize Autofocus point by mouse or gesture. Real AF area is displayed in real time for Point and Following AF.
  • Power Zoom lens zoom and change focus in Manual Focus mode.
  • Anamorphic desqueezing (1.33x, 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x). Per camera setting with option for Anamorphinc Video mode only.
  • WiFi manager to autoconnect to camera WiFi access point.
  • Multiple cameras can be controlled. You can connect cameras to common access point.


Fully supported

GH4, GH3


GX85, GX80, GX7, G7, G85


App may work with other Panasonic Lumix cameras, but I have no way to test it.

Demo video and screenshots

Demo video



※ It can take from 12 hours to several days from pushing to MS Store til update appears for all users.


Pushed version 1.8.5 to MS Store

  • Renamed app to LMaster as GMaster is lens trademark.
  • Added button to reset focus area to center
  • Minor UI change moving camera settings to flyout menu item and adding menu item to open camera in new windows directly.


Pushed version 1.8.4 to MS Store

  • Fixed app restart issues
  • Minor UI fixes


Pushed version 1.8.3 to MS Store

Added indicators:

  • Focus and autofocus modes
  • Memory card left with access and error indication
  • Battery
  • Fix for camera mode reading during video recording.


Pushed version 1.8.1 to MS Store

  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Fixed one focus area resize on GH4
  • Added full support for manual focus with assist moving, switching and resizing


Pushed version 1.8.0 to MS Store

  • Improved stability and fixed instant values glitch
  • Added synchronised operations. Can start/stop recording or captrue multiple cameras at once. Separate option for parameters and focus.
  • Improved focus areas display and fixed their rendering glitches
  • Fix for TS5/FS5


Pushed version 1.7.5 to MS Store

  • Fixes for Lumix G80.
  • Connection fixes for reconnect on network problems.
  • Better logging.


Pushed version 1.7.3 to MS Store

  • Added workaround for wrong XML returned by at least GH5. XML response contains duplicated ids.


Pushed version 1.7.0 to MS Store

  • More fixes and workarounds for other cameras connectivity.
  • Added split screen modes and new window.
  • Added WiFi management to remember and autoconnect to access points.
  • Minor fixes.


Pushed version 1.6.0 to MS Store

  • Hopefully fixed issue with modern camera models like GX85. Thanks to Lufthummel from DPreview
  • Added Cube LUT support. Don't have grading experience so could be wrong.
  • Added Anamorphic desqueezing support (1.33x, 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x).
  • Added hardware acceleration as for LUT as for general performance improvement.


Pushed version 1.5.0 to MS Store

  • Added Power Zoom
  • Added Manual Focus
  • Fixed Focus point rendering for different aspects
  • Fixes for reconnect problems in specific networks
  • Added better Enum conversion from int
  • Moved Tools to separate project
  • Added test for IntToEnum
  • Fixed focus point pinch resize
  • Fixed initial ISO, Sh and Ap selection