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Random Coder Org | Udroid

An organization for ubuntu on android ( proot ) initially named as RandomCoderOrg

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About Us!

RandomCoderOrg is a randomly named organization for udroid project (running ubuntu on android via termux in better way) and it's base.

Working on more projects soon...

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  1. ubuntu-on-android ubuntu-on-android Public

    Run Ubuntu with pre-installed Desktop Environments in android/termux with ease! Everything is preinstalled so just download install and done🚀🚀

    Shell 1.1k 83

  2. fs-cook fs-cook Public

    making a better environment for building linux tarballs ( udroid )

    Shell 21 9

  3. udroid-wiki udroid-wiki Public

    udroid Documentation & wiki

    10 3

  4. ubuntu-arm64-qemu ubuntu-arm64-qemu Public

    small qemu container with minimal rootfs with systemd

    Shell 11 3

  5. fs-manager-udroid fs-manager-udroid Public

    A tool manage common things with ubuntu-on-android

    Shell 40 9

  6. manjaro-arm-termux-proot manjaro-arm-termux-proot Public

    manjaro aarch64 rootfs build for termux/proot users

    Python 7 2


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