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Advanced firmware to add native Apple HomeKit and custom configurations, compatible with any SoC based on ESP32, ESP32-S, ESP32-C and ESP8266 series. (Shelly, Sonoff, Electrodragon, Tuya...)


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HAA - Home Accessory Architect

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Firmware to bring native Apple HomeKit support and custom configurations to any device based on ESP32, including all ESP-IDF WiFi compatible chips, and ESP8266 microcontrollers.

HAA supports many different HomeKit service types, with a lot of possibilities and customizations.

Go to the Wiki for additional information.

In addition to this firmware, you can obtain HAA Home Manager App, the perfect App companion to manage your HAA devices, with batch updates, enable setup mode, and other extra features:

If you want to measure the performance of your Apple Home, you can get Home Bench App, the only App that performs speed tests directly over accessories using Apple HomeKit API:

And don't forget to subscribe to YouTube Channel: