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Install GitHub Version With WEB INSTALLER

Thank you so much to our RM Pro/SUPER Patreon supporters! Because of people like you, we are able to offer the best and most up-to-date Flipper Zero Firmware!

This firmware is a fork of all Flipper Zero community projects! We are NOT paywalled. I will keep RM Custom Firmware the most cutting-edge with active development and updates from all projects that can be found to be useful to the community. Although there are features exclusive to this firmware, there are also many updates by the rest of the Flipper Zero community. With the help of the entire community, we get the best firmware! See the RM Games and Plugins for a list of most of those projects.
Discord - Build - Install Instructions - More Links And How To - All Changes from OFW - Support RM Custom Firmware - Patreon
This software is for experimental purposes only and is not meant for any illegal activity/purposes. We do not condone illegal activity and strongly encourage keeping transmissions to legal/valid uses allowed by law.

  • Last Synced/Checked OFW, changes in commits: 2024-07-15 10:03 EST
  • Last Synced/Checked Unleashed, changes in changelog: 2024-07-15 10:03 EST

Install Instructions

  • Close qFlipper
  • Use Web Installer link for easy install


  • Extract/unzip the downloaded RM*.TGZ/ZIP file from RELEASES to a folder on your computer (Use 7Zip or WinRAR)
  • Copy the entire folder to the update folder onto the SD card you are using in your FlipperZero
  • Once the SD card is back in the Flipper (or you've copied the files successfully via qFlipper), press down at the Desktop (the screen with the animations)
  • This opens the Archive app, press left/right to get to the Browser section
  • Locate the update folder, and the folder you copied earlier
  • Locate the update file and select it
  • Select Run in App


  • Open qFlipper
  • Connect to Flipper Zero
  • Press "Install from file"
  • Navigate to downloaded RM*.TGZ
  • Confirm the file and install


$ git clone --recursive
$ cd flipperzero-firmware-wPlugins/
$ ./fbt updater_package
# FAPS placed at assets/resources/apps on BUILD
# Install this folder on your flipper dist/f7-C/f7-update-RM420FAP
# If building animation assets:
$ ./fbt dolphin_ext

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Install GitHub Version With WEB INSTALLER