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Julia library for crafting and capturing packets, with a focus on flexibility and expressiveness. Work with a wide range of protocols, or use it to develop a new one.

**This library is still under development, and should not be used in production until verified on all platforms under a range of conditions. (~V.6) Use on platforms other than Darwin has not been conducted. **

Any contributions are welcome, but those necessary for the next release are preferable.


Version 1

  • ethernet packet crafting
  • ethernet packet sending
  • darwin support (bpf)

Version 2

  • ethernet packet capturing
  • IPv4 (capture/crafting)

Version 3

  • ARP (capture/crafting)
  • IPv6 (capture/crafting)

Version 4

  • UDP (capture/crafting)
  • TCP (capture/crafting)

Version 5

  • packet (protocol) creation framework

Version 6

  • windows support (npcap?)
  • linux support (libpcap?)