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  1. kamus kamus Public

    An open source, git-ops, zero-trust secret encryption and decryption solution for Kubernetes applications

    C# 920 67

  2. tweek tweek Public

    Tweek - an open source feature manager

    C# 346 50

  3. oidc-server-mock oidc-server-mock Public

    Configurable Mock Server for OpenId Connect

    C# 216 33

  4. python-flask-sklearn-docker-template python-flask-sklearn-docker-template Public archive

    A simple example of python api for real time machine learning, using scikit-learn, Flask and Docker

    Python 135 43

  5. webdriverio-zap-proxy webdriverio-zap-proxy Public archive

    Demo - how to easily build security testing for Web App, using Zap and Glue

    JavaScript 58 13

  6. mobsf-ci mobsf-ci Public archive

    All that is required to run MobSF in the ci

    Shell 42 32


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