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NSMusicS,Multi platform Multi mode Music Software ,Electron(Vue3+Vite+TypeScript) core+AI


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A local music software that is expected to support multiple platforms with AI capabilities and multimodal features.

The current development phase is to develop an Elecetron cross platform music software that is compatible with Navichrome and has a beautiful UI, and to simultaneously develop music artificial intelligence and streaming services as cloud services for NSMusicS

The goal of NSMusicS is to integrate various functions (such as artificial intelligence, streaming, music library management, cross platform, etc.), which can be understood as similar to Navidrome but with more features than Navidrome. It wants to become a plugin integrated application that can almost have all music functions.


Project Development status Technology Framework Author/Copyright Owner Operating systems LICENSE Software positioning
NSMusicS (Now) updateing electron,docker,vue,nodejs,ts,vite,sqlite My Skills Xiang Cheng (Windows,Linux(ubuntu+,Docker),MacOS,Android11++,IOS) Based on the Chrome kernel A-GPL 3.0 Open source + Commercial
NSMusicS_WPF (Old) complete dotnet8(wpf),cs,window,sqlite My Skills Xiang Cheng (Windows10++) A-GPL 3.0 Open source + Commercial
NSMusicS_For_PythonApp_Of_AudioProcessing will developed pytorch,py My Skills Xiang Cheng python Apache License 2.0 Open source
NSMusicS_For_Knowledge_Graph Not started NebulaGraph / Neo4j Xiang Cheng (Windows10++/Linux) A-GPL 3.0 Open source + Commercial
NSMusicS_For_Flutter Not started flutter,dart My Skills Xiang Cheng (Windows10++,Linux(ubuntu+,群晖Nas+Docker),MacOS,Android11++,IOS) A-GPL 3.0 Open source + Commercial
MZMusic Not started electron,docker,vue,nodejs,ts,vite My Skills MZMusic Team (win,linux,macos...) Apache License 2.0 Open source

The management dashboard for NSMusicS_Web


Interface preview:

  • NSMusicS(Electron):Under development

Using the source code of NSMusicS

If you would like to experience the latest development progress of NSMusicS Electron:

  • If you haven't installed Navidrome, please install and start its service, and then add your computer's music to Navidrome.
  • Copy and replace the navidrome.db file located in the resources folder of the folder where NSMusicS Electron is installed with the navidrome installation location \ navidrome installation version \ navidrome.db.

Why is it necessary to install Navidrome for this test version?:

  • Because the library management module has not been written yet, Navidrome is temporarily borrowed to achieve this. After the official version is released, users can choose whether to be compatible with Navidrome (if compatibility is needed, Navidrome service must exist on your host).
cd NSMusicS
npm install
# You need to recompile the native module better sqlite3 to allow the sqlite database to read normally
cd NSMusicS/node_modules/better-sqlite3 
npm install electron-rebuild -D
# better-sqlite3/package.json 
# 2.scripts addline: "rebuild": "electron-rebuild -f -w better-sqlite3" 
npm run rebuild 
cd NSMusicS
npm run dev # Direct operation NSmusicS
cd NSMusicS
npm run build-only # Package into the current system's software package (such as exe)

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Author's Message

  • As this project is currently independently developed by Xiang Cheng(myself), programming standards are a personal habit of the Xiang Cheng(myself), and coding standards are not yet standardized enough. However, this project will continue to undergo self refactoring and reverse development. It can be affirmed that in the future, NSMusicS will form a standard coding specification, which will be beneficial for the community to develop third-party NSMusicS plugins, Enable NSMusicS to meet the diverse needs of more potential customers,Most importantly, NSMusicS will always be open source and continuously updated