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Zeek Analysis Tools (ZAT): Processing and analysis of Zeek network data with Pandas, scikit-learn, Kafka and Spark


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Zeek Analysis Tools (ZAT) supported-versions license

The ZAT Python package supports the processing and analysis of Zeek data with Pandas, scikit-learn, Kafka, and Spark


pip install zat
pip install zat[pyspark] (includes pyspark library)
pip install zat[all] (include pyarrow, yara-python, and tldextract)

Getting Started

AWS Data Processing and ML Modeling

Installing on Raspberry Pi!

Recent Improvements

Video Presentation

Why ZAT?

Zeek already has a flexible, powerful scripting language why should I use ZAT?

Offloading: Running complex tasks like statistics, state machines, machine learning, etc.. should be offloaded from Zeek so that Zeek can focus on the efficient processing of high volume network traffic.

Data Analysis: We have a large set of support classes that help bridge from raw Zeek data to packages like Pandas, scikit-learn, Kafka, and Spark. We also have example notebooks that show step-by-step how to get from here to there.

Analysis Notebooks


Running the Tests

pip install pytest coverage pytest-cov
pytest zat

About SuperCowPowers

The company was formed so that its developers could follow their passion for Python, streaming data pipelines and having fun with data analysis. We also think cows are cool and should be superheros or at least carry around rayguns and burner phones. Visit SuperCowPowers