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Fuel your productivity with ChatGPT-Desktop - Blazingly fast and supercharged!


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  • Support for multiple platforms, minimal resource usage, ideal for 24/7 use

  • Easily configurable proxy settings, bypass network restrictions with ease

  • Wake up at any time with a customizable shortcut key, boost your productivity

  • Support for multiple conversations, integrated with GPT-3.5-turbo memory mode, never forget what you've said

  • Robust prompt management, build your own role preset library

  • Share your moments with just one click

  • Automatic updates, local conversation history storage, your privacy is our priority

  • And much more to explore...


Supported Platforms:



Q & A

1. There are network restrictions in my area, how can I use it properly?

You can try our provided soulution.

Detailed deployment tutorial on Discord.

2. "App Is Damaged and Can't Be Opened" on MacOS

Reference solution.

How to Contribute

Development environment requirements

Please install Rust & NodeJS according to the steps on the official websites

Download project dependencies

npm install

Run the project on the development mode

npm run tauri dev

Build the project

Debug after build, please add flag --debug

npm run tauri build

To generate your own application icon, please replace src-tauri/assets/icon.png, only .png format is supported

npm run build:icon

yarn OR pnpm is also supported.

Contributions of any kind are welcome,

  • Issue
  • Pull request
  • Feature request
  • Bug report
  • Documentation
  • Translation
  • etc.

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