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Terraform provider plugin for Proxmox

This repository provides a Terraform provider for the Proxmox virtualization platform and exposes Terraform resources to provision QEMU VMs and LXC Containers.

Getting Started

In order to get started, use the documentation included in this repository. The documentation contains a list of the options for the provider. Moreover, there are some guides available how to combine options and start specific VMs.

Quick Start

Follow this install guide to install the plugin.

Known Limitations

  • proxmox_vm_qemu.disk.size attribute does not match what is displayed in the Proxmox UI.
  • Updates to proxmox_vm_qemu resources almost always result as a failed task within the Proxmox UI. This appears to be harmless and the desired configuration changes do get applied.
  • When using the proxmox_lxc resource, the provider will crash unless rootfs is defined.
  • When using the Network Boot mode (PXE), a valid NIC must be defined for the VM, and the boot order must specify network first.


When contributing, please also add documentation to help other users.

Debugging the provider

Debugging is available for this provider through the Terraform Plugin SDK versions 2.0.0. Therefore, the plugin can be started with the debugging flag --debug.

For example (using delve as Debugger):

dlv exec --headless ./terraform-provider-my-provider -- --debug

For more information about debugging a provider please see: Debugger-Based Debugging

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